Thursday, April 12, 2012

Poetry Printable {Lune}, Earth Day

Our Earth Day Promises are written, revised, and proudly displayed.  The planner really helped focus the children on the content and sequence.  Dear Mother Earth letters are mounted and waiting to be hung.  I ♥ Earth Poem Pockets are in process.  

Activities for Earth Day and "A Poem in My Pocket Day" are right on track, maybe even ahead of schedule!  The children have been busy writing and sharing their published work. They are especially excited about writing their lunes- so excited, that they're asking to write more!

Here's the little planner packet that we used to brainstorm and organize ideas.  First , we read the sample poem "Daffodil", and discussed the elements of a lune. Next, we brainstormed topics in nature, and some related adjectives, verbs, and adverbs.  Then, we wrote first drafts, revised, and edited.  {Some of those proud little poets even published their final copies on the pocket template found  here- all in one day!}